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The aluminum housing is not only beautiful to see, but also has a favorable effect on the recording and delivery of any heat development of the hard disks.

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This aluminum dual bay hard disk docking station can not only be used to secure your old files and data, but you can also clone your data to another hard disk. With a USB 3. This aluminum dual bay hard disk docking station from Orico has two SATA inputs that you can use simultaneously which makes cloning and duplicating hard drives super easy. The stand-alone clone function copies the data without having to close the computer and thus improves efficiency and safety without affecting your work.

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You place the clone hard disk in the right of the two SATA inputs and the dedicated hard drive in the left. Of course, this dual docking station can also be used for storing, deleting and updating data on your hard disks.

Use your SATA hard drive in the dual docking station to store more HD movies, important data and files or to restore or copy your old files. Connect Orico's hard disk docking station to your PC, HD player, Smart TV, router and cloud server and experience the comfort and convenience of exchanging data with the additional expansion capability up to 16Tb. The perfect solution for anyone who needs large storage space to store large amounts of data.

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Thanks to the user-friendly design, the docking station is ready for use within 10 seconds! Ideal for storing, deleting, or updating data on your hard disks. Please note that this is also backward compatible with the old USB 1. The incredibly simple SATA dock drive is very easy to use and quite user friendly. The lightweight designs makes it easy to carry around, should you need to.

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All in all, the device gets good airflow to prevent overheating, and the Plugable is compatible with Mac or PC. The patented design of the Thermaltake docking station makes it one of the best performers out there. It works with 2.

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The compact station stores up to 2 TB. The reason why the design is so innovative here is because the compact station is built for heat dissipation and exhaust. In the box, you get your docking station, power adapter, USB 2. The sleek design is pleasing to the eye, and the user friendly construction make this station a hit. For the most part, the Thermaltake performs on par with the best docking stations you can find on the market.

This dual drive from StarTech provides the standard benefits of a hard drive docking station with a few extra perks.

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All of this can be done with much ease, and the user will never have to open a computer case or mount hard drives to do it. Simply connect the dual drive to your computer with the USB.

Then you can insert the SATA drives for instant access. The ease of this process is what makes this a very desirable docking station, as well as its pleasant design and durability.


That being said, there are some complexities that come with using an external docking station for the first time, and the handy instruction manual can be of great benefit. However, once you get the hang of it, using this station is a breeze. Before you start shopping for a hard drive docking station, there are a few things that can help you to narrow down the range of choices before you begin. In order to cut down on browsing time and researching information on specifications, this guide is designed to provide you with tips that will make your experience easier and to help you more quickly find the docking station that will best meet your needs.

A hard drive docking station also known as an HDD docking station is a device that allows for the access to information that is stored on hard drives by means of USB, eSATA, and sometimes both, depending upon the model that is chosen. You will need to have a PC or Mac available to attach a data cable. The hard drive docking station allows for accessing the data on the drive without the need for installing the hard drive into an actual computer. It also provides for reading and writing to two drives at the same time.

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Many units are designed to provide functionality in multiple environments such as Linux, MAC and Windows. There are several different types of HDD docking stations. Trusted seller, fast shipping, and easy returns. Learn More. Get the item you ordered or your money back. About this seller. Seller's other items. Contact seller. Related items to consider. ORICO 2. About this item. Time left. To Fit.